Your Body Language

Your Body Language

Learn how to improve your first impression, how to build rapport, how to influence others and even detect deception.

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Mariola Jarzynska - Founder

Mariola Jarzynska is a graduate of UMASS Amherst with 20 years of experience in inside, outside and the recruiting field. Currently, she works for Healthtrax at the East Longmeadow Wellness Center as a Senior Membership Advisor recruiting new members, providing quality services to current members, as well as establishing new business and promoting Healthtrax through various events to local companies. Mariola is a Certified Micro Expressions Practitioner and a Body Language Communicator.

During her career, Mariola learned that to be more effective at anything we do, we should pay much more attention to our body language, because we communicate far more with our body language than we do with our words: More than 90% of everything we communicate is non-verbal, communication.

Through decoding our facial expressions, eye and body movements as well as our gestures, we can learn how to improve our first impression, how to build rapport, how to influence others and even detect deception. The acquired skills can be used not only in a business setting, but in personal life and in any face-to-face interaction with other people.

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Understanding Body Language

Indicates an attempt to buy some time before providing an answer. Implies that the person is seeking nourishment, possibly in the form of more information.

Since people can’t speak well with objects in their mouths, they might do a better job of listening or avoiding saying anything when they want to think about it first.

This is a defensive and negative gesture created in an attempt to put a barrier between the person and someone or something they don’t like, feel uncomfortable about, uncertain or insecure. As long as this gesture remains, a negative attitude will persist.

This gesture shows authority, superiority, high status and confident or self assured attitude. Used in positive or negative circumstances, often in superior-subordinate interaction and most of the time occurs in isolation.

Some Feedback

"Wonderful presentation, great energy."

"Mariola's presentation was amazing! The information she offers will help so many in a variety walks of life. Her description of body language and how one presents themselves was tremendously eye opening. "

“She Rocks!! Thanks so much Mariola for taking the time to come and teach us!!”

“Once again, your presentation was great. You’re a treasure chest of useful knowledge. I am telling all of my teacher friend they need to do some type of body language training.”

“Mariola you were extremely knowledgeable and your session allowed me to reflect some best practices.”

“The presentation was very helpful! Thanks so much!”

“Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation. We all agreed you were terrific and we're trying to use all your wonderful advice."